Factor In.

Is healthy living your hobby? Why not make it your profession?

What is Factor 75?

We're a close-knit team of health enthusiasts dedicated to helping people eat healthier and feel better.

Factor was started in 2013 when Nick and Ryan realized how important, but time consuming, it was to prepare nutritious food. Today, we're honored to provide health-conscious, chef-crafted meals to individuals all across the continental United States and are on a mission to change lives, one meal at a time.

Where does work happen at Factor 75?

Our kitchen is hard at work in Chicago, and our Factor 75 working office is in Batavia. We are a close team and although we encourage flexibility in working with Factor 75, daily tasks are done in our comfortable Batavia office with the team, and whether you're an early bird or night owl the office doors are always open.

What is work like on the Factor 75 team?

We work really hard to make working at Factor 75 an amazing experience. We've built a culture based on healthy lifestyle choices and people who adopt a growth mindset and are awesome at their job.

While we value a winning attitude first and foremost, we make an effort never to take ourselves too seriously and always reserve plenty of time for meal tastings.

Open roles

Here at Factor 75 we've always known our meals were amazing, but now the secret is out and the marketplace wants more. Factor 75 is currently expanding to handle the increasing demand. As we grow, here are some roles where we could use your help!

Nutritionist and Customer Service Rep

Nutritionist and Customer Service Rep

We’re seeking enthusiastic and highly motivated problem solvers who are passionate about food, fitness —and most importantly—delivering exceptional education and customer service to our clientele.

  • Our Nutrition Consultants are part of a new and rapidly growing team as we offer this unique service to our valued customers. The Nutrition Consultants will not only be a part of the individualized personal service we offer, but will be able to provide value as to how we can further this project to be always at the top of our game, above all others.
  • The Customer Experience Team is an integral part of our growing company. You will be responsible for making our customers happy and ensuring they have a pleasant experience with our company each and every time. Your input and feedback to management is critical to the improvement and growth of our company.

Experience is critical. If you do not have “big company” training AND have not worked at an early stage business before then this job is likely not for you. But if you’re comfortable jumping into things without hesitation, have supreme confidence in your abilities, superior attention to detail and know how to execute and perform at the highest level then please read on, and be prepared to tell us how your experience and background will be invaluable to our company.

To apply, please visit this link! If you have any questions, please reach out to help@factor75.com.

Are we missing your role?

If you'd be excited to start a conversation about joining the Factor 75 team but don't see a position that suits your skill set, we'd still love to hear about what you have to offer. Send us an email at jobs@Factor75.com