A Message from the Factor Team

During these uncertain times, we're committed to making healthy, fresh meals as readily available as possible. We never compromise on meal quality, and we've continued to prioritize preparing the same delicious meals you love to ensure all orders go out the door safely and successfully.

Food Safety

The health of our customers and the safety of our food has always been the number 1 priority for Factor and, while COVID-19 is very much top of mind to all of us these days, it is only one of many food safety concerns that the Ready to Eat meals sector (such as restaurants, grocery stores… and Factor) manage every day.

We take this responsibility seriously and always meet or exceed the ongoing guidance from the experts at CDC, FDA, USDA and Health Departments across all aspects of our business. We are taking extra precautions to provide further assurance to our customers during this current pandemic:

  • Our kitchen and production facility undergoes a full, "deep" sanitation daily as well as multiple sanitation cleaning of all equipment throughout the day.
  • Employees are given a health screening as they arrive at work and are sent home if they are ill; all employees properly wash their hands every time they enter a food production area and always wear gloves when they handle food. They are provided clean coats, which are changed at specific times during each day. Hair and beard nets have always been worn throughout our production facility with 100% compliance.
  • The Factor facility is permitted by the Health Department, whose standards mirror or exceed those of the USDA, FDA and Illinois Department of Health. We operate with robust quality and food safety protocols which are designed specifically for our facility. And of course, our kitchen adheres to USDA cooking/cooling temperature requirements.
  • Employees who pack your weekly order wear gloves when handling the packaged meals and equipment is regularly wiped down and sanitized.


Factor meals will continue to be delivered contact-free, directly to your door. Our trusted partners include Chicago Messenger Service for our deliveries local to Chicago and FedEx for all other locations. Our couriers are confident in their ability to continue delivering your meals during this time.

We have also been in constant communication with our suppliers and do not anticipate a disruption to service at this time. Of course, if anything changes we will notify our customers immediately.

Factor takes great care in preparing your order and packing it carefully. Our warehouse is regularly cleaned and sanitized and our team wears gloves when packing orders. Our package format ensures that the proper amount of ice packs are included in your box to ensure that safe shipping temperatures are maintained up until the time that you receive your box and gives you additional 18 - 24 hours to refrigerate your order.

All of our carriers have put in place their own sanitation and handling protocols in order to keep their drivers safe and maintain the safety of the packages. As an extra precaution when handling any package deliveries Factor suggests that you should follow the CDC recommendation to:

  1. Open boxes outside if possible
  2. After removing and storing the contents, dispose of the shipping box and immediately wash your hands in warm water with soap for 20 seconds or use hand sanitizer.

If you follow the above advice you can feel confident that you are taking the necessary precautions to maintain the sanitation and hygiene of the Factor meals being brought into your home.

Supporting our Community

During this unpredictable time, it's essential that we continue our mission to make healthy, fully-prepared meals accessible. Throughout the year, we are committed to donating thousands of meals weekly to local organizations and shelters. We are also thrilled to be teaming up with a variety of partners, including the Ronald McDonald House Chicago, to supply meals to those who need it most right now. Click here to learn more about how you can get involved, too.

We're so grateful to our teachers, medical professionals, first responders & service members who are on the front lines keeping us healthy and safe. As a 'thank you,' we're offering a special discount for those who support and serve. Click here to learn more.

We're here for you and our team is committed to providing you with an exceptional experience! If you have any questions or concerns, please reach out to our Customer Experience Team at 888.573.5727 or help@factor75.com