How It Works


Pick Your Meals

We offer new weekly dairy-free recipes, so you never get bored.


We Cook Them

Our gourmet chefs do the prepping and cooking, so you can do you.


Free Delivery

We deliver fresh, never-frozen meals directly to your doorstep.


Heat, Eat & Enjoy

No prep. No mess. Our lactose-free meals arrive ready to heat and eat.

Fresh, Healthy & Unbelievably Tasty

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Chef-Crafted Recipes

Our dairy-free recipes set the bar for quality and taste. Each recipe is hand-crafted by world-class culinary experts using premium lactose-free ingredients.

Designed by Dietitians

Our registered dietitians work hand-in-hand with our kitchen to ensure our dairy-free prepared meals are packed with premium science-backed nutrition.

Fresh, Never Frozen Ingredients

Our dairy-free recipes are 100% free from all milk-based ingredients. Each recipe is free of all lactose - no butter, cheese, yogurt, milk, cream or ghee.


Dairy-Free Eating Made Easy

Whether you're lactose intolerant or just want to cut dairy-based products out of your diet, eating dairy-free can be difficult. Fortunately, Factor’s dairy-free meal delivery service makes following a dairy-free diet convenient and care-free.

Dairy-Free Snacks, Drinks & Desserts

Stay fueled and focused in between meals, with our dairy-free snacks and juices. From refreshing cold-pressed juices to our collagen-rich bone broths, there’s no shortage of snackable options to help get you over the midday hump.


Frequently Asked Questions

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Which delivery carrier(s) do you use?
Are your dairy-free meals safe for people with milk allergies?
How long do your dairy-free meals last?
How do the meals stay fresh during transit?

Dairy-Free Meal Plans


6 meals / week

$12.83/Meal  $7.83/Meal


8 Meals / Week

$12.83/Meal  $8.62/Meal


12 Meals / Week

$11.50/Meal  $9.00/Meal