The Hassle-Free Way to Eat Gluten-Free

Factor makes sticking to a gluten-free diet easy and stress-free. Our gluten-free dinner boxes are delivered directly to your door each week. No planning, prepping or cooking required. Simply select your weekly meals, pick up your package and heat them up in two minutes or less - it's that easy!


Fresh, Never Frozen Ingredients

Our chefs only use sustainably-sourced meats, produce, poultry and seafood from our network of trusted partners. Our fully-prepared gluten-free home delivery meals arrive on your doorstep fresh, never frozen. No additives, antibiotics, GMOs, hormones or refined sugars are ever used in our food.

Get $90 Off Chef-Made
Gluten-Free Meals


Chef-Prepared Gluten-Free Meals

Choose from four to 18 meals per week, and hand-select your favorite recipes from a menu that rotates weekly. Our gourmet chefs use wholesome, nutrient-rich ingredients, such as legumes, vegetables and whole grains, so you can eat gluten-free without feeling deprived or hungry. We mix up our menu every week to keep your taste buds on their toes while maintaining your gluten-free lifestyle.

The Top-Rated Gluten-Free Prepared Meal Delivery Service

As the top-rated prepared meal delivery service on Trustpilot, we're known for our mouthwatering, macro-conscious meals designed for today's most popular diets. With over 8,000 reviews with an average of 4.4 out of 5 stars, our quality-first approach is backed by our loyal customers.

We’re committed to supporting health and fitness through optimal, purposeful eating. Our team of dietitians carefully crafts each gluten-free meal on our menu, and we include a nutrition label for every dish, so you easily track your calories, fats, proteins and carbs. Try Factor today to get mouthwatering gluten-free meals designed to help you hit your health and fitness goals.


Heat, Eat & Enjoy in Minutes

Factor meals are delivered directly to your door fresh and fully-prepared. Simply heat them up in two minutes or less using an oven or microwave — it's that easy.

Gluten-Free Meal Plans


6 Meals / Week

$12.83/Meal  $7.83/Meal


8 Meals / Week

$12.38/Meal  $8.62/Meal


12 Meals / Week

$11.50/Meal  $9.00/Meal