The ‘Caveman Diet’ Made Easy

Factor delivers unprocessed, preservative-free meals directly to your doorstep, making it easy to follow the Paleo diet. Our dietitians work directly with our chefs to create Paleo ready-to-eat meals packed with powerful nutrients that increase energy and fuel performance.


Fresh, Never Frozen Ingredients

Sticking to the “caveman diet” has never been easier. Each Paleo meal is made from scratch using fresh, never frozen ingredients. Our menu is filled with flavorful, nutrient-rich recipes, so you can stay healthy and energized without sacrificing time planning, prepping and cooking.

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Paleo Meals Delivered


A Variety of Paleo Meal Delivery Options

With Factor’s Paleo meal delivery service, you can choose from 4 to 18 meals per week and select your favorite recipes from a menu that rotates weekly. We offer a variety of gourmet, dietitian-designed meals made with grass-fed meats and fresh produce — nothing artificial, just real food as nature intended.

The Most Convenient Way to Eat Healthy

One of the best ways to eat healthier is to shop, cook and prepare your own meals. Unfortunately, many people don’t have the luxury, time or desire to cook meals from scratch on a daily basis.

That’s where Factor’s Paleo meals can help fill the gap. We designed our kits to be a convenient, no-nonsense prepared food solution for busy people who want to eat well. Each flavorful recipe in our Paleo meal prep delivery service is nutritionally designed to support a healthy, active lifestyle. Our in-house dietitians ensure our meals are free from fluff, such as gluten, dairy, refined sugars and GMOs. Our approach to Paleo prepared meal delivery helps you eat like an ancient hunter-gatherer in the modern world, just like our Paleolithic ancestors intended.


Paleo Prepared Meal Delivery — Just Heat, Eat and Enjoy

Factor meals are delivered directly to your door fresh and fully-prepared. Simply heat them up in two minutes or less using an oven or microwave - it's that easy.

Paleo Meal Plans


6 Meals / Week

$12.83/Meal  $7.83/Meal


8 Meals / Week

$12.38/Meal  $8.62/Meal


12 Meals / Week

$11.50/Meal  $9.00/Meal